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Is it practical? How much will it cost?

  • Take any end from Corozal CATV and upconvert it to 18Ghz using a tower-mountable small  transmitter.
  • Select a CATV user in Corozal Town, who owns a 100 feet tower. (RadioBahia).Make arrangements.
  • Construct a 100 feet tower at Consejo Shores. Make arrangements with CSL! Mount a little 18 Ghz receiver onto the tower and block-down-convert the received signal from Corozal to the 54- 492 Mhz frequency range.
  •  Now, all the 100 plus cable tv channels are available at Consejo Shores, just distribute it to all of us. Using cables underground....and not to forget to license all.

In my opinion it is easier and cheaper to subscribe to Satellite TV, or stream video using a higher speed dsl connection.